Fiscal Sponsorship

INN offers fiscal sponsorship to qualifying organizations that apply. A fiscal sponsor is an established 501(c)(3)-certified organization that accepts funds on behalf of the sponsored program and ensures the funds are spent to advance the program’s mission. This allows new nonprofits to receive tax-deductible donations while they are ramping up their operations or awaiting IRA charity status.

INN provides fiscal sponsorships to news organizations as part of its mission and keeps fees as low as possible to support the nonprofit news industry's growth and to ensure the sponsored organizations' editorial independence. INN gives news organizations an independent sponsor so they can avoid any perceived conflict of interest, as could arise if they sought a community-based sponsor. In the case of established companies converting to nonprofit-status, INN can provide short-term fiscal sponsorship.

Services include:

  • Fiscal sponsorship of your organization, short term or long term
  • No minimum revenue requirement
  • Low administrative fees
  • Two hours of accounting services per month included
  • Monthly reporting
  • Charity registrations in all 41 jurisdictions
  • Online donation forms embedded on your own website
  • Low online donation processing fees
  • Thank you letters to all donors contributing over $250

Rates: $500 setup cost to cover bookkeeping and banking enrollment, monthly administrative fees based on revenue, plus occasional additional fees

Apply for Fiscal Sponsorship