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Charitable registration requirements vary from state to state and are expensive and time-consuming to handle in-house if you are fundraising (including online) in more than a handful of states. INN has partnered with a company that helps charitable organizations comply with the legal requirements for solicitation of contributions.

Services include:

  • Completing initial/renewal state registration forms for the states where members wish to solicit contributions. This includes attachments, client copies and pre-addressed envelopes.
  • Preparing and filing registration extensions with the states
  • Liaison between the organization and the state regulators
  • Updating states with any organizational changes
  • Providing quarterly status reports
  • Maintaining current state filing requirements
  • Tracking state approvals and deficiencies

About: If you are fundraising nationally, Charity Compliance Solutions Inc. (CCS) is a full-service company aimed at getting and keeping your organization in IRS and state compliance.

Rate: CCS’s negotiated fees for INN members are $120 per state. For members with a national presence who need to file in all 40 states plus the District of Columbia where registration is required, the maximum fee is $3,995 per year — a savings of more than $800 per year. CCS is not responsible for the state filing fees, late fees or registered agent fees. You must mention INN membership to qualify for the special rate.

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INN offers fiscal sponsorship to qualifying organizations that apply. A fiscal sponsor is an established 501(c)(3)-certified organization that accepts funds on behalf of the sponsored program and ensures the funds are spent to advance the program’s mission. This allows new nonprofits to receive tax-deductible donations while they are ramping up their operations or awaiting IRA charity status.

INN provides fiscal sponsorships to news organizations as part of its mission and keeps fees as low as possible to support the nonprofit news industry's growth and to ensure the sponsored organizations' editorial independence. INN gives news organizations an independent sponsor so they can avoid any perceived conflict of interest, as could arise if they sought a community-based sponsor. In the case of established companies converting to nonprofit-status, INN can provide short-term fiscal sponsorship.

Services include:

  • Fiscal sponsorship of your organization, short term or long term
  • No minimum revenue requirement
  • Low administrative fees
  • Two hours of accounting services per month included
  • Monthly reporting
  • Charity registrations in all 41 jurisdictions
  • Online donation forms embedded on your own website
  • Low online donation processing fees
  • Thank you letters to all donors contributing over $250

Rates: $500 setup cost to cover bookkeeping and banking enrollment, monthly administrative fees based on revenue, plus occasional additional fees

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This program is designed to support established and emerging leaders to be more effective, confident and creative. Through individualized coaching over a period of three months, leaders will be better able to deliver results while balancing needs for self-care and reflection.

Services include:

  • Goal setting
  • Visioning
  • Shifting mental and behavioral blocks
  • Action steps

About: Madhu Krishnappa Maron is the founder of MadhuCoach, a coaching and consulting practice dedicated to supporting individuals and organizational leaders on the path to transformation. She merges expertise as a human resources professional with stellar coaching skills and a belief in her clients’ innate resourcefulness to help them envision and make changes they never thought possible. Prior to becoming a coach, Maron spent 17 years as a human resources professional, working with the Associated Press, Standard & Poor’s, Henry Ford Health System (Detroit), the New York City Economic Development Corporation and other organizations.

Rate: $725 for INN members and $900 for nonmembers/nonprofits

The package includes the following:

  • Six one-hour coaching sessions to be conducted via Zoom over the course of three months.
  • A 30-minute consultation with the leader’s manager to ensure coaching goals are mutually understood and agreed upon.
  • Email and phone/text support between sessions

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INN has established relationships with several leading providers of insurance for media and nonprofit organizations, leveraging the size of our network to obtain preferred policies for our members and allied journalism organizations. The program is open to all INN members. Learn more about these services here: INN Insurance Resources and Preferred Provider.

Services include:

  • Media liability, which protects companies and individuals against claims made by clients for inadequate work or negligent actions, often covering court costs and any settlements up to the policy limit.
  • Directors and officers, which provides necessary coverage to your officers and board who are assuming personal liabilities in order to serve your organization.
  • General liability insurance, which protects against injuries or accidents that may occur on your company’s property.

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INN members can obtain high-quality, secure, and dependable payroll services via Heartland Payroll. Its web-based payroll service is customized to accommodate your specific needs and flexible enough for future enhancements as the need arises. Although payroll may seem fairly straightforward, missing one tax deposit or filing deadline can be costly. Having a professional payroll service like Heartland will help you avoid those costly mistakes and make your payroll processing a breeze.

Services include:

  • Full tax service, including all deposits and filings
  • Single points of contact in sales and operations
  • Direct deposit
  • Electronic onboarding
  • New hiring reporting
  • Employee portal

About: Heartland provides employee payroll services to entrepreneurs ranging in size from small to large.

Rate: 30% off normal processing fees. Normal set-up fee of $200 is also waived during this promotion.

  • Weekly Payrolls: $35 base fee + $2 per check
  • B/W or S/M Payrolls: $45 base fee + $2 per check
  • Monthly Payrolls: $55 base fee + $2 per check

Example 1: Bimonthly payroll with five employees would cost $55 per payroll or $110 per month.
Example 2: Weekly payroll with 12 employees would cost $59 per week.

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Besides the high-quality, secure and dependable payroll services offered by Heartland, INN members can also take advantage of its expertise in human resources. By enrolling in its Payroll + HR Services, you not only receive expert care in your recurring payroll processing but also have access to its HR Support Center and materials to stay on top of the latest employment-related laws, regulations and court decisions.

Services include:

  • All services included in the standard Payroll Services
  • HR Support Center - Your single source for critical HR needs
  • Secure electronic employee files
  • Labor law poster compliance
  • HR On-Demand - Access to a certified HR professional whenever you need help

About: Heartland provides employee payroll and human resource services to entrepreneurs ranging in size from small to large.

Rate: Special fees and rates apply to INN members. Contact our Heartland representative for more information.

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