Journalism Awards Calendar

Photo by Michael Stravato

Attendees of INN Days working together to help the industry. Photo taken at INN Days in Houston, June 12, 2019.


There is no shortage of journalism awards programs. Sure, you know the big ones—the Pulitzers, the Peabody Awards. But there are so many more. Often, these awards go to larger publications with the time, resources and connections to apply for more awards—but keeping track of these deadlines and applying takes time and resources that smaller and mid-size news organizations often lack. We thought we might be able to help—at least make it easier for newsrooms to know what awards are out there and what their deadlines are.

In an effort to make journalism awards more organized and accessible, we’ve created a public journalism awards Google Calendar. For those who don't use Google Calendar, all awards will be posted on the industry calendar. It’s a challenge to keep up with these award deadlines, especially in newsrooms with just a handful of staffers—like many of our members.

The easier it is for these outlets to enter their stories, the more likely they are to win awards, which hopefully leads to increased audience, funding and real-world impact.

For more on how and why we created this calendar, here's a blog post with more info.

Import the journalism awards Google Calendar from INN. Enjoy and best of luck!

How it works: We'll keep in touch with award program leaders to keep the calendar up-to-date on deadline and submission periods. We also ask for submissions from the public on awards we've missed through our Google Form. Every week, we'll go through award submissions and update the calendar. We'll also keep a comprehensive list of awards on our radar.

Here are the awards we already know about: The awards we know about fall into two categories: On the calendar and in-progress. Awards already on the calendar are up-to-date. In-progress awards mean we know of this award but are waiting to hear back, usually about submission deadlines from award planning committees. Here's a list of what we already have.

Here's where you can help: What are we missing? Submit an award to be featured on our awards calendar. As long as it's journalism-related—feature reporting, nonprofit media, photo editing, breaking news, editing, etc.—we'd love to include it. We're hoping to make this as comprehensive as possible, so any relevant award is welcomed!

Need to reach us about the calendar? Feel free to contact us at