Insurance consultations


Media liability insurance is a significant investment for newsrooms, and can be complicated to acquire. As part of INN's 2020 insurance program, all INN members are eligible for a one-time consultation with insurance consultants.

Services include:

Media Risk Consultants will consult with INN member entities to help complete applications for media liability insurance. Each member will be eligible for a one-hour consultation during 2020, in conjunction with their normal insurance renewal cycle. Members should fill out the form below and attach current and past applications, as well as current policies.

The consulting provided by the principals of Media Risk Consultants LLC is not legal advice and should not be construed as such nor does it create an attorney-client relationship.  Media Risk Consultants does not sell insurance or otherwise act as an insurance broker.  An insurance broker or agent is an indispensable part of the insurance process and should be actively involved.  We cannot guarantee that media liability insurance will be offered to INN members or that the terms, if offered, will be acceptable.

About: Media Risk Consultants LLC provides experienced insurance and risk management advice. Media exposures have become increasingly complex, leaving many news organizations and brokers behind the curve. Experienced, knowledgeable and independent oversight will improve the coverage and price of your media liability policy. Risk management and in-house legal departments are often understaffed and overworked, impairing important internal information gathering, assessment and claim management. MRC provides an economical and efficient way for you to outsource that work.