Content Usage Policy

On April 8, 2011, the full board of the the Institute for Nonprofit News (“INN”), formerly known as the Investigative News Network, unanimously adopted the following Membership Content License & Usage policy:

It is the intent of INN and each of its members to maximize the profits, donations, grants, and other monetary benefits derived from the efforts and work product of such entity.

Therefore, no member shall commercially exploit or otherwise seek to monetize content supplied by INN or another member in derogation of INN's or such other member's rights, as applicable, absent an agreement with the owner of such content.

INN is permitted, but not required, to utilize some or all of the following elements of content (as determined by INN in its discretion) supplied by members on the INN website:

  • a full headline,
  • the source of the material,
  • a byline,
  • no more than 550 characters of such content,
  • and a link to the original content on the supplying member's website.

Pursuant to the INN Membership Agreement, members of INN shall have the right to utilize content supplied by other members and displayed on the INN website in accordance with the Membership Agreement and INN's policies, provided that in no event shall any member have the right to modify or edit content owned by another member which appears on or is accessed pursuant to the INN Website, or to utilize or display elements of another member's content that do not appear on the INN website, unless such member has an agreement through INN with the owner of such content specifically authorizing such use.

Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.