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Founded 2013

INN member since 2017


Orb produces a new kind of journalism that challenges the way we see our world and brings us together around the things we share.

Orb is built on three core premises:

  • Our world is interconnected. As individuals and communities around the world, we are dependent upon one another for our health, wellbeing and success.
  • Trans-national, cross-cultural collaboration is key to managing our global challenges and opportunities.
  • The information we have defines the individual actions we take that ultimately shape our world.

At a time when we most need to see the full picture of our planet, today’s journalism is showing us only fragments of it. As people, we have our differences, but we share a core that profoundly outweighs them.

Orb unlocks the full journalistic potential of what technology has made possible. We provide a new perspective, a refreshing type of journalism that resonates with and is accessible to people of different nationalities, races, religions and languages. Our reinvented editorial process enables us to serve a diverse global audience with journalism that challenges and unifies us.

Focus Areas: International Issues

INN Projects: NewsMatch