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Founded 2013

INN member since 2013

Northern Kentucky Tribune

The NKyTribune is a publication of the Kentucky Center for Public Service Journalism. The Center was established in 2013 and received its official 501-c-3 status from the IRS in May, 2014. It is a nonpartisan, independent news organization that produces indepth, informative journalism in the public interest for a place we love. The Center pursues specific grants for specific reporting projects and produced an in-depth series on the Licking River as well as a 30-minute program for KET, after a year-long reporting assignment by Andy Mead. The Center’s mission also extends to a commitment to help communities across the state who do not have reliable sources of local news to establish them, using a nonprofit, online model. The NKyTribune is the first of these. We believe that good journalism is a public service and we believe in the democracy that is made better by informed and engaged citizens.

Focus Areas: Community Issues