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Founded 2008

INN member since 2018


We are an innovative journalism education initiative and online publishing platform that prepares young bilingual journalists for jobs in 21st century news media.

Since 2008, Borderzine.com has published rich, relevant content about the borderlands produced by multicultural student journalists at UT El Paso and our partner schools across the U.S. and Mexico.

Our reporters have covered provocative and relevant stories about national topics such as the status of immigration reform, unaccompanied minors from Central America, the impact of crime and drug violence on Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, and domestic violence protections for undocumented women. They’ve tackled regional topics such as tuberculosis, diabetes, bilingual education, and issues of language and identity, all from their unique bicultural perspective. They’ve also produced lighter fare: profiles of artists, boxers, businesspersons, politicians and human rights leaders on both sides of the Rio Grande.

By developing a steady stream of job-ready bilingual multimedia journalism graduates, we hope to reinvigorate the national dialogue about the urgent need for diverse newsrooms that reflect our nation’s complex identity, and help shift the new voices, perspectives and experiences of Latinos in the U.S. from the borderline to the mainstream.

Focus Areas: Community Issues