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Founded 2016

INN member since 2018

Arkansas Nonprofit News Network

The Arkansas Nonprofit News Network seeks to fill that gap in Arkansas. ANNN is an independent, nonpartisan news project dedicated to producing journalism that matters to Arkansans. With funding from grants and donations, it hires writers, editors, fact-checkers, photographers, videographers and audio producers on a contract basis to cover a story or topic. Their reporting is then distributed for free among statewide partners — including radio, TV, newspapers and websites — which publish all, or localized parts, of it.

Impact is ANNN’s chief measure of success. We only pursue stories that have the potential to bring about change. Since it exists outside the bounds of a news product that has to maintain a regular publication cycle, ANNN contract employees are able to proceed methodically, affording each project a rare depth of reporting and rigor in editing and fact-checking.

Focus Areas: Investigative Reporting