INN Is Now the Institute for Nonprofit News

INN logoEncino, California — The Investigative News Network, a 501(c)3 membership organization of over 100 nonprofit news organization, announced today that it is refining its mission and changing its name to the Institute for Nonprofit News effective immediately. The organization has also issued a revised mission statement to clarify its new direction (see below).

The name change was initiated, in part, to reflect the organization’s commitment to supporting and fostering the growing world of nonprofit journalism, which includes but is not limited to investigative journalism.

The institute will continue to play a crucial role in providing education and business support to member organizations, but will also now offer consulting services in the areas of strategic business and technology to individual nonprofit and independent news and information producers.

A new website at, which was built with INN’s WordPress-based platform, Largo Project, also reflects the organization’s new brand identity.

“For the past six years, INN has grown into a leading provider of training, services and advocacy for the nonprofit journalism movement,” says Kevin Davis, CEO & Executive Director of the Institute. “These changes recognize the growth in the nonprofit news model and the member organization’s diversity in content that informs communities, holds the powerful accountable and helps keep our democracy free.”

The INN Board of Directors reached this decision in November 2014 during a daylong retreat to set the strategic direction for the organization over the next few years. The board's discussion was informed by a recent survey of the INN membership as well as feedback from staff and funders.

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New Mission Statement of INN

To provide education and business support services to our nonprofit member organizations and promote the value and benefit of public service and investigative journalism.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Identifying operational and revenue-generating best practices and training our members on them.
  • Establishing partnerships, collaborations and strategic alliances to advance our mission.
  • Promoting public service journalism as a philanthropic investment.
  • Leveraging funding to maximize impact.
  • Developing business leadership among nonprofit news organizations.
  • Offering affordable back-office services to individual organizations.

A full press kit is available here. Our primary logo is here. Please review INN's brand guidelines [PDF] for more information on our visual standards.

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