Nonprofit Best Practices: INN Member Presentations at IRE 2012

At the IRE conference in Boston this month, several INN members shared their experience and expertise on a number of topics that are vital to nonprofit and independent news organizations. The topics range from best practices in shooting video to tracking a news organization's impact. We’ve compiled the presentations into a resource.

Thanks to all the INN members who participated. Descriptions and links to video and the slides from each of the presentations is listed here. Watch for more in-depth guides from INN on each of these topics. INN would also like to thank Latakoo for recording and posting video of the presentations.

Training as a Revenue Stream
Joe Bergantino, the co-director of the New England Center for Investigative Reporting at Boston University, shares lessons learned from creating a successful summer training program in investigative journalism for high school students. Watch the video.

Diversifying Revenue Sources
Laura Frank, the executive director of I-News, the Rocky Mountain Investigative News Network, - recommends that revenue discussions focus on predictable vs. unpredictable revenue, instead of donated vs. earned revenue. Watch the video.

Diversity: Not Why But How
Brant Houston, INN’s Board Chair and the Knight Chair in Investigative and Enterprise Reporting at the University of Illinois, filled in for the G.W. Williams Center’s Linda Jue, who was unable to attend. In this presentation, Houston surveyed some of the best practices in diversifying media. Watch the video. Also, download Jue's full presentation notes here.

Partnering with Public Media
Brant Houston shares strategies and lessons from his recent report on collaborations between investigative journalism centers and regional PBS and NPR stations. Watch the video.

Tracking Your Impact
Lauren Hasler, public engagement director at Wisconsin Watch, explains how to track your organization's impact. Watch the video. Also check out the presentation on SlideShare.

Watch the Q & A with the first group of presenters.

Free Data Tools
Kate Golden of Wisconsin Watch shares some of the many data tools available to reporters. Golden discusses her use of Tableau Public, Google Refine and other free tools for analysis and presentation. Watch the video.

Reaching New Audience Through YouTube
Steve Talbot, CIR and Jon Sawyer, Pulitzer Center discuss how to reach new audiences with video. CIR and INN recently announced the formation of the official investigative news channel on YouTube. Senior Producer Steve Talbot will share best practices in producing compelling online video to reach new audiences with greater impact. Watch the video.

Leveraging the NICAR Datasets
Elizabeth Lucas, the database library director at IRE and NICAR, provides an overview of the NICAR data library available to INN members, and shares tips on how to find stories in it. Watch the video.

New options in CMS
Nicole Hudson Hollway of the St. Louis Beacon and Jessica Plautz of INN present on two content management systems. Hollway discusses the custom solution the St. Louis Beacon launched earlier this year. Plautz discusses INN's upcoming open-source WordPress project. Also: Watch the video.

Watch the Q&A with the second group of presenters.