INN Receives $100K Grant from Philanthropist Buzz Woolley

Buzz Woolley was one of the initial funders of the Investigative News Network, and played a huge role in determining the vision and the mission of the umbrella organization for non-profit news organizations that INN has become.  He initially invested $100,000 into the startup of INN, and has now graciously given a second $100K grant to the Network for continued operation in 2011.

Woolley is a San Diego retired venture capitalist and entrepreneur.  He is a founder of and current Chairman of the Board of  He is also the President of the Girard Foundation which funds projects in K-12 education.

Woolley said, “When we started six years ago we were pioneering a new field.  There was no existing model to copy let alone an organization to provide support.  As others decided to start nonprofit web-based news sites, the need for INN became quite obvious.  I am pleased to be able to provide startup funding for INN in the hope that it can help existing news organizations succeed and provide direction to new comers.  We have a great team at INN and I look forward to seeing all the innovative services and ideas they will offer.”

“We are delighted and very grateful for the continued support of Buzz Woolley,” says INN CEO Kevin Davis.  “Without the vision and passion of philanthropists like him, INN would not be in the position it is today to advance sustainability and excellence in non-profit investigative journalism.”