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Make Your Collaborations Equitable                                                                                    Institute for Nonprofit News and Resolve Philly, April 28. Truly equitable, productive collaborations between news organizations need careful planning, communication and goal-setting. Join Resolve's co-executive directors, Cassie Haynes and Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, to learn how their organization brings together more than 20 Philadelphia news organizations and gain practical guidance and tools to help you start building equitable collaborations too.

Equitable and Inclusive Hiring and Talent Development                                             Institute for Nonprofit News and NonprofitHR, May 26. Take a deep dive with Emily Holthaus of NonprofitHR into identifying and interrupting racial bias and actionable ways to build equity within your hiring, management and retention process . Throughout, we will engage in meaningful dialog and introduce actionable methods that can be applied within your organization. This is a highly interactive workshop.

Video Training Library

Centering Critical Voices: How Journalism Can Respond to the Needs of Black, African American and Other Communities of Color in the US, Institute for Nonprofit News

Beyond the Board Statement: How Can Boards Join the Movement for Racial Justice?, Nonprofit Quarterly with Vernetta Walker and Robin Stacia

Best Practices Webinar: Maintaining Momentum for Newsroom Diversity, Maynard Institute