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INN provides access to fundraising services for members at deeply discounted rates. These shared services are essential in our comprehensive approach to helping nonprofit news organizations build sustainable, diverse revenue growth.



DonorSearch is a robust online prospect research tool that provides wealth and philanthropy screening services and analytics to uncover your best donors and prospects. INN provides members with a 12-month subscription to DonorSearch’s ProspectView Online at 60% off the market price, including access to help guides and training resources.

Special cost for INN members = $1,000 per year (value = $2,500 per year)

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Wealth screening is a powerful tool that helps you determine your donors' capacities to give. By researching top indicators of wealth, you can locate major gift prospects hidden among the crowd.

In addition, INN will review the wealth screening results with our members to highlight donors with the potential interest to make a major gift.

Special cost for INN members = Free for up to 500 names (value = $100)

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Were you surprised at all of the information found in your wealth screening? Would you like to get to know more of your donors better?

INN has partnered with Aspire Research Group LLC to provide our members with donor profiles for names you have already screened through INN wealth screening — or for new contacts you’ve identified.

Special cost for INN members = $65 per profile (value = $250 per profile)

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Identify potential funding opportunities and grantmaking institutions with INN’s grant research service. We. provide members with detailed information on up to five foundations that align with a specific project.

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Work with a professional grant writer to hone your ’ grant-seeking approach and improve the likelihood of success in securing project grant funding. For INN members only, this service includes customized edits on a specific grant proposal.

Special cost for INN members = $100 per grant proposal (value = $600)

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