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Founded 2007

INN member since 2018


We have a special focus on the ways that the juvenile justice & criminal justice systems affect the health and well being of communities and their residents in Los Angeles and beyond.

Using the tools of our award-winning investigative journalism, rigorously fact-based news reporting, and open minded commentary WitnessLA––and our weekly newsletter, The California Justice Report—aim to shine a light on our institutions of justice in order to hold public officials and agencies accountable, advance public knowledge, and promote the kind of informed public dialogue that is essential for a healthy and fair-minded democracy.

We also coach student reporters in the art of investigative journalism in the public interest, in order to help grow the next generation of smart, humane, observant, and absolutely fearless newswomen and newsmen. The resulting stories are published in WitnessLA.

Although WitnessLA is Los Angeles-based, as its name suggests, our reporting stretches well beyond LA, and we often partner with news organizations in other parts of the state and nation to extend our reach still farther.

Focus Areas: Children and Youth, Crime, Investigative Reporting

INN Projects: NewsMatch