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“I would love to see us grow the professionalism of nonprofit newsroom fundraising and I would want to see this work grounded in principles of equity.” - INN Member

What do we mean by "News Fundraising Community?"

INN is actively addressing an opportunity identified within the network expressed by members and the INN strategic vision: to form a “community” of development professionals to expand best practices in fundraising across the news sector.

What have we accomplished so far?

The process of gathering input from INN members and researching best practices will be accomplished over phases:

PHASE ONE - Completed July 2020

  • Gathered feedback from our members about their news fundraising needs
  • Determined interest in a news fundraising “community” lead by INN members
  • Gauged the levels of news fundraising expertise within the INN network

PHASE TWO - In Progress

  • INN member-driven focus groups (held on October 21-23, 2020)
  • Draft a plan of a news fundraising “community” structure (December 2020)
  • Recruit an advisory group of INN members to finalize the rollout (February 2021)

"I greatly appreciated the opportunity to be a part of the conversation. INN is holding space for news organizations to gather and inform future resources." - INN Member

For questions, please contact INN’s Network Philanthropy Director Jeffrey Woolverton.