Fundraising D2

This page is part of INN's Fundraising Center! Because nonprofit newsrooms exist off both earned and gifted revenue, this is your one-stop-shop for all things giving in nonprofit newsrooms.

News Giving Roadmap
Get started with our first-of-its-kind program designed to expand member capacity in order to build sustainable revenue from individual donors including annual gifts, mid-range gifts, major gifts and planned giving.

Major Gifts Coaching
Utilize our network of specialists who will walk your news organization through the process of major giving. These coaching sessions include support on getting to know your donors, scouting new donors and more.

Shared Services
If you know where you need help in terms of fundraising for your organization, apply these services where needed. These range from board agreements to donor worksheets and more. TK TK TK TK TK TK TK

Grant Coaching
Learn from experts who can take your grant applications to the next level. These experts can advise your organization on potential pitches, selling points and more within two weeks of the grant application deadline.

News Giving Journal

  • Bipartisan Legislation that Would Rebuild Local News
    Institute for Nonprofit News has taken the rare step of joining a coalition of local news organizations, journalism funders, reporters and advocacy groups (the Rebuild Local News Coalition) in signing an open letter to Congress in support of an important, bipartisan piece of legislation that would help local news organizations.
  • New INN financial transparency policy encompasses government funding
    The Institute for Nonprofit News is updating its donor transparency recommendation for members of the INN news network to make it easier for nonprofit newsrooms to let users know about any government financial support as well as donations.
  • The Rise and Fall and Rise of the News
    It’s great that there are more than 250 of these mission-driven news organizations in the U.S., but how did we get to the point where we need them so badly?