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Executive Leadership Training: Board Governance Webinar

July 18, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EDT

Wednesday, July 18 , 2018

TIME: 1:00 p.m. EST

PRICING: INN Members: No charge | Non-INN Members: $25

Nonprofit news leaders won't want to miss this special executive virtual training around board roles and responsibilities, how they shift over a nonprofit’s life cycle and strategies to keep the board composition in alignment with the organization’s needs and much more. This special event will be hosted by leadership coaches Terrill Thompson and Monique Meadows, principals at Banyan Coaching & Consulting! Don't forget to bring your questions.


This virtual event is designed to help senior leaders of nonprofit news organizations understand board roles and responsibilities and how to strategically align board composition to support the organization’s needs. This includes executive directors and board chairs.


- Overall purpose of the board of directors
- Distinction between the role of the E.D. vs. the board of directors
- How to structure the board to suit your organizational needs and stage of development


This training is to focus on helping nonprofit newsroom executive directors to understand the how the role and responsibilities of the board changes over the lifecycle of the organization and how to transition the board to best serve the organization’s current needs. 


Banyan Coaching and Consulting

Terrill Thompson

Terrill Thompson brings more than fifteen years of professional experience and passion to developing leaders, teams, and organizations to reach their full potential. Terrill thrives in complex systems that require working in partnership with clients to untangle challenges and identify leverage points for deep transformational change. A combination of strategic thinking and compassion yields innovative approaches to each situation. As a coach, Terrill specializes in developing leaders’ emotional intelligence and ability to lead in ways that promote vibrant, resilient and sustainable organizations.

Terrill works with a wide range of mission-driven organizations, from large international organizations to small community groups, and leads capacity building workshops for audiences across the country. Confronted by the lack of organizational models applicable to nonprofits, Terrill created the Nonprofit Organizational Model©, a model that simplifies organizational assessments and strategic planning. He also serves as a consultant and a member of the Racial Justice Action Team at RoadMap and as a consultant with the Social Transformation Project. Terrill brings past experience as an executive director and numerous years of board service to client engagements.

Monique Meadows

Monique brings more than twenty years of experience working with social change organizations and leaders to fortify the core of the organization, aligning mission with resources and outcomes. Monique integrates the wisdom of earth-based traditions with sound organizational change theory to create holistic transformation for individuals and organizations. Monique approaches each coaching client knowing that a fascinating, and often hidden, narrative shapes how the client functions - asking the right questions timed thoughtfully and provocatively moves clients to their next level of excellence. Monique works with nonprofit leaders to set meaningful and attainable goals ranging from stress management and self-care to cultural competence and fundraising. Ultimately, she works with nonprofit leaders to increase their emotional and social intelligence – the most important factors in creating vibrant, productive, and sustainable organizations and movements.