CrowdTangle to Support INN Members During Election Season

Starting in September, CrowdTangle will provide INN members with access to programs, resources, and 1:1 support to help them report on how content is being shared across social media. Over the past few years, CrowdTangle has seen investigative journalists globally use their online tool to discover stories and report on the spread of public content across social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

As we get closer to the US 2020 election, while continuing to confront a global health pandemic, the ability to track and fact-check viral content is as critical as ever. 

CrowdTangle has also recently built a new hub for investigative journalists that includes multiple resources for how to use CT in investigative journalism. This is accessible for any CrowdTangle user, so they can learn how to use the tool to find stories and report more broadly on social trends whether it relates to upcoming elections, COVID-19, or local stories. Outlets that don’t have access to CrowdTangle can apply to be immediately onboarded here or by reaching out to

CrowdTangle became a free public insights tool when Facebook acquired the technology in 2016 and expanded access from 300 media partners to more than 10,000. Starting in 2019, CrowdTangle added research, academic and fact-checking partners and built tools to help these partners study how public content spreads across Facebook and Instagram.

Learn how Politifact has been using CrowdTangle to investigate misinformation on the web and read Facebook Journalism Project’s announcement on how CrowdTangle is supporting INN members.