Tucson Sentinel Joins the Investigative News Network

TucsonSentinel.com has joined the Investigative News Network, a national organization of more than 50 nonprofit, nonpartisan news organizations that produce high-quality journalism.

"As a local news site, we're proud to partner with so many accomplished peers from around the country," said TucsonSentinel.com Editor and Publisher Dylan Smith. "We look forward to increasing our collaborations with other independent news organizations, to better report news that impacts Southern Arizonans."

Launched in January 2010, TucsonSentinel.com is a local independent nonprofit news organization that offers professional reporting and community conversation on issues that affect Tucson. To date, TucsonSentinel.com has been funded solely by local sponsors and donors.

TucsonSentinel.com is led by Editor and Publisher Dylan Smith, formerly the Online Editor of the now-shuttered Tucson Citizen.

The site has gained recognition for its tireless reporting on border issues and the Jan. 8, 2011, mass shooting that killed six and wounded 13, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

TucsonSentinel.com has helped maintain watchdog reporting in Tucson and Southern Arizona, even as for-profit newspapers and TV stations lay off reporters and produce fewer stories. Since the website launched, it has posted more than 4,000 reports.

The site features the work of experienced professional reporters and knowledgeable community contributors on local issues, and carries national and international news that affects Tucson reported by several media partners. Sentinel reporters have been guests on many local news radio programs, and appeared on Sirius/XM, the BBC, Australian Broadcasting Company, and Radio New Zealand, among others.

TucsonSentinel.com is also a founding member of Authentically Local, a national group of locally focused independent news websites.

Founded in 2009, INN focuses on a mission of "advancing sustainability and excellence in nonprofit journalism." INN provides technical, back-office and sustainability assistance to its members.